Hand Wrapped Fashions by Patricia Ireland

Jewelry inspired by the quiet of nature but worn to be heard


A Southern girl by birth (Birmingham, Alabama) with a pension for the mountains, Patricia Ireland’s love of the outdoors brought her to Jackson Hole, Wyoming four years ago.

Trish takes her favorite elements from the mountains, the rivers and the canyons along with six years of experience making jewelry to create what she sees as fashion meeting nature—a


cross road of the beauty of the great outdoors with the functionality and design to go from hike to cocktails, mountain to office…

Inspired by the array of colors when the sun rises and sets in the dessert to the reflection of the sun off the peaks of the mountain, Trish uses natural elements like stones and feathers bundled in simple color coated copper wire to create earrings, bracelets and pendants.

“I’ve always been loud…no one can hear you if you’re understated. And I see no reason to hide in the shadows. So my jewelry reflects that part of my personality.”

“My jewelry is my escape, the way I unwind after a long day…I want to unearth the glamour that spends most days wrapped in Goretex and fleece. I love to get lost in the wrap of the earring. I don’t always plan the piece in advance, just let my fingers lead the way and see what happens.”

Custom creations are available—just tell me what you envision, what makes you smile and I will create something tailored to you, your best friend or family member.